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Maintenance and Improvements

Maintenance responsibilities are divided between the Association and the homeowner. The Declaration covers this in Article 10 on page 9. That article refers to a "Maintenance Responsibility Chart" which summarizes the division of responsibilities. This chart is in the Declaration at Exhibit "C." It is available below for easy reference.  Also below is the official exterior paint list.  

Homeowner Maintenance

If a homeowner undertakes maintenance that he or she is responsible for, please note that there are some requirements that must be met. These include:

  1. Complying with all laws, ordinances, codes and governmental rules, including obtaining all required permits;

  2. Not impairing the structural integrity of any part of the Condominium.

  3. Complying with the Association’s rules and regulations, including those governing hours of work, noise, obstruction of common elements, debris removal, and notification for insurance purposes. Construction Guidelines are attached below. No exterior changes may be made without homeowner approval (see below). 

Exterior Changes: Architectural Control

In order to preserve the architectural character of Westchester Square our Declaration provides that no one may change the external appearance of the Condominium without Architectural Control Review and approval. If an owner desires to do any work that can be seen from the exterior of the units, or any structural work on the interior of the owner's unit, he or she should complete the Architectural Control Review Request form (below) and submit it to our property manager, Scott Carter. No work that alters the exterior appearance of the Condominium should start until approval is obtained.

 Please refer to the First Amendment to the Declaration (attached below) for further explanation of the review and approval process.

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